[the writer behind the camera]


“I’ve collaborated with Denise Spranger on numerous video projects, and she always approaches her work with energy, good humor, imagination, and creativity. Her genuine interest in people and her writer’s interviewing skills put her subjects at ease
and draw them into lively and natural conversations.
All this makes for compelling video.”

—Tracy Chappelow, Associate Editorial Director, Creative Services
Miami University Communications & Marketing


The Backstory

I lived in the art community of Taos, New Mexico, for 20 years. As a writer and reporter, I found my niche in character profiles, and enjoyed the opportunity to interview nationally renowned artists, writers, musicians and community icons. 

After relocating to Oxford, Ohio, I joined the communications team as a writer at Miami University. Intrigued by the potential of "telling the story" in audio/visual ways, I bought the best HD hard-drive camera I could afford. And started shooting... 

Over the next seven years, I produced more than 500 videos for Miami University, and continued to write feature stories for the university’s alumni magazine. Along the way, I was invited to serve as the primary Communications Consultant at Miami's College of Education, Health and Society. In that role, I launched and maintained the school's social media and news platforms, managed the website, and produced written and video content.


In 2016, the opportunity arose to explore my work further at the University of Michigan’s School for Environment and Sustainability. The chance to communicate issues like climate change, conservation and environmental justice—in short, the “real news” of science-based research—was irresistible. It was, after all, 2016.

I’ve learned a lot in the past three years—from leading climate scientists, environmental justice pioneers, and very often, the students themselves. They’re taking sustainability into business, engineering, public policy, urban design, and yes, “even” the arts.

My work, through writing and video, is simply to tell their story. And my hope is that I might contribute, in some small way, to how that story unfolds.

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